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8 Travel Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Gifts for Travelers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a significant other who loves to travel, then I have a list for you! Hopefully this list will help you get some Valentine’s gift inspiration. And if my husband is reading this… feel free to get me anything mentioned on this list.

Unisex Gifts:

Scratch the World Map

– This would be an excellent gift for any traveler or aspiring traveler to track their adventures. But it would be even more romantic and Valentine’s worthy if you are going to travel to new destinations together and track them on this map.

Monogram Luggage Tag & Passport Cover – Again, a gift that would be suitable for both men and women. A set with a luggage tag and passport cover with the initial of your significant other. For this purpose, I’ve used “S” for Sara and a neutral set… but they have every letter available and different colours and materials on Amazon as well.

Travel Watch – When traveling, you need to be on time. I chose this fun looking watch because of the actual travel theme, but any type of watch would be an excellent gift for men or women.

Fitbit – If your significant other is interested in fitness or is very active, this could be a great Valentine’s day gift. Not only does it give you the time, but it can also track your steps if you are doing a lot of walking on vacation and even tracks your sleep. There are versions for both men and women which makes this both a useful and meaningful gift.

Travel Themed Photo Album – This gift has a few options, you can give the album empty to fill after an upcoming trip, or fill the album with photos from any trip(s) you’ve taken with your significant other. There are lots of travel related albums to choose from as well.

Adult Coloring Book – An adult colouring book can help with long-haul flights or to pass the time waiting to catch your plane. Applicable to both men and women, this would be great for an artistic person or nervous traveler.

Carry on Cocktail Kit

– Available for various cocktail mixes, these would be great for anyone who likes to sip on a cocktail while traveling. You can order your alcohol of choice from your travel attendant, and mix yourself a refreshing drink in-transit.

Gifts for Her:

Pandora travel-themed charm – There are numerous travel-themed charms available at Pandora, and charm bracelets are still in! You could purchase a charm that represents a memorable trip you took together, or for an upcoming trip. Travel related/themed jewelry is available at various jewelry stores as well – so look around if Pandora isn’t your thing!

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5 thoughts on “8 Travel Gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. I would LOVE that Pandora charm, it’s stunning! I am unfortunately single this Valentine’s Day, so won’t have to buy anything for anyone, and won’t be receiving anything either (boo), but these are all items that I’d love to receive x

  2. I would actually love the travel-themed photo album! I always print some of the BEST photos from a trip when I return and put them in a frame so to have a photo album for every trip I take (a small one would be good) is something I’d love! Thanks for these suggestions 🙂

    1. Glad you liked them! I have a new album to start using and also have a gallery wall that I swap out photos after each trip. Too many photos to show them all!

  3. I myself collect the Pandora travel themed charms, they are one of the cutest ways to keep your travel memories alive. The monogram tag and passport cover and the scratch of map are also the ideal options to your travel-loving partner. A smart backpack is also a great choice for guys. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

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